About the Foodie


It all started when...

I asked for a creme brûlée torch for my fifth birthday. Since the beginning of my time, food has been my life. From nutrition to cooking to studying how flavors affect emotions, I have always been fascinated by this essential in our lives. My name is Halley Crane, I am a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in food studies at New York University. In this blog I share my passion through recipes, critiques, articles, and photos. Food can do so much more than serve as a source of nutrition; it can bring people together, indicate environmental and political changes, and serve as a gateway into new cultures. In this blog I hope to help people become more aware and excited eaters, cooks, and travelers

When I was little I always knew I wanted to work in the food industry. However, my upbringing wouldn't usually lead the average Jo(sie) down this path. I grew up in the 90s, when shoulder pads were in, "All That" was the shit, and TV dinners were the norm. I didn't come from a culinary family; in fact, I spent the majority of my early years eating PB&Js and Kids Cuisine. My journey began in the same place where most kids my age spend the majority of their time, in front of the television. Instead of typical Sunday morning cartoons, I glued myself to a screen set on the Food Network, and watched in awe as masters like Emeril Lagasse (whom I referred to as, The Bam Man), created magic in the kitchen. When I was old enough to use the stove, I began making my own creations. Growing up as a foodie was definitely not the norm, but I embraced my obsession with open oven mitts.

Bon Appetit!