Where to Eat in Lisbon


Lisbon is the delicious capital city of one of the most underrated countries in Western Europe. If you only have one day to explore and eat, here are my favorite spots in town.

Timeout Market

This isn’t just any food market. This is the food emporium that paved the way for gastro-halls all over Europe. Timeout is the only market where every single bite and beverage has been chosen by Lisbon’s Timeout journalists. That means everything here is the best of the best of what you can get in the country. Here you can find the concepts of Michelin star chefs next to artisanal coffee shops across from the best burgers and sushi in town.

Casa da Natia

I stayed in Lisbon for five days and this place was the best meal I had while there. Nice little hole-in-the-wall for fresh seafood. Get yourself a plate of clams, shrimps, and the ‘rice with seafood’. Open late the and the prices are very reasonable.


Like the French have croissants and Dutch have stroopwaffels, The Portuguese have a decadent treat that goes perfectly with a cup of joe. Pasteis da nata is the Portuguese custard tart that locals eat daily with their coffee, and this place does them the best in town. Top yours with cinnamon and powdered sugar like the locals do.

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