Eat and Greet


My name is Halley, I'm a food anthropologist with a Master's degree in Food Studies from New York University. In this blog I share my enthusiasm for food and travel through reviews, articles, and photos. I hope these guides motivate you to skip the all-inclusive resorts and experience the true culture of a place by eating through a city .

My Story: During the summer of 2014, a bittersweet struggle led me to one of my greatest passions, solo backpacking. I had a flight booked to Tel Aviv to spend the summer with family while working at an online food publication. When fighting in Israel broke out the day of my flight, I had just landed at Vienna airport on a layover. Flights from the US were cancelled, and I found myself left in limbo. I had a suitcase full of beachwear, shekels in my pocket, and I had no idea what country Vienna was in (seriously). Since then I've traveled all over the world on my independent expeditions, and I've developed a knack for this niche style of travel. I now encourage other women my age to get out of their comfort zones and explore both the world, and their capabilities. I hope this site inspires you to do the same.